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A Child's Imagination and Exploration is the Beginning of their Life Long Adventure

Sensory Play & Crafts


Playgroup Sessions

During our playgroup sessions we have multi-sensory activities to help all children investigate and adventure with different textures and feelings and forms of play.

We have a messy play section which could include spaghetti, pasta, rice, gloop, jelly and much more. We have multi sensory areas catered for babies using a range of different toys, textures, cushions and blankets.

We additional have craft sections which may have painting, colouring, gluing, sticking and lots of different mark-making activities for toddlers and older children to continue to develop their creativity and fine motor skills.

Throughout each playgroup session, we also have other areas and stations to further engross children's play and adventure. This includes using sand, water, play dough and other substances in our messy trays to encourage children's exploration.

Although most of our playgroup sessions involve free-flow play, we also organise a routine to incorporate music and singing time, and story time.

Each week, new planning is introduced to co-inside a range of themes. Play stations and crafts are adapted to engage a variety of children's interests. 

Meet The Little Munchkins Team

We are highly qualified professionals who are passionate about working with children and their families to build relationships and develop children's development and growth.

Becky: Director

Hi I am Becky a higher level 3 teaching assistant with 3 years experience. I have worked within mainstream schools with all ages and abilities. I believe that children of all ages should be given time to play and stimulate for making friendships and growing. I have 2 children one five and 1 under one, I am married and live every moment for my family whom I adore. I too socialise with friends and family within my spare time.

Cory: Play Leader

Hello my name is Cory and I am currently a level 5 qualified practitioner. I have obtained a level 3 qualification during college, and I have recently completed the Foundation Degree at the University of Worcester. This year I will be completing my final year of study in receiving a BA (HONS) Degree in Integrated Working with Children and Families. Due to my educational experiences, I have gained 4 years experience with working with children and parents in a range of Nurseries, Preschools and Primary School settings. My career ambition is to further support young children's development and well-being while working alongside parents as I believe children are more stimulated to develop with encouragement and support from their key carers.

Win Our Spectacular Hamper

To be within the chance of winning this Hamper which includes prizes for both parent and child, you must refer a friend to join and attend Little Munchkins Playgroup sessions. You will also be entered into our prize draw, when you become a new comer to our Little Munchkins Playgroup. The winning will be announced during October half term.