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Children Learn Best when they Play and Investigate

Sensory Play & Crafts


Our Planning

To engage a wide range of children's interests, we apply themed activities to each playgroup session on a weekly basis. To encourage children's imagination and adventure, we plan a free-flow routine with messy tray and craft stations as well as multi-sensory areas catered for babies which co-inside each theme every week. We also organise story, music and singing time within our daily routine. This is what we have planned for the next coming weeks.

WC 4/9/17: Transportation

Transportation week is the time where children are able to explore different methods of transport. This includes toys such as cars, trains, boats, aeroplanes, rockets, tractors, trucks and diggers. Within our planned activities, we will be incorporating elements such as jelly, sand and paint.

WC 11/9/17: Weather

Weather week incorporates inspiration of the natural elements within our play stations. This will allow children to investigate elements of the natural world in order to make connections to their personal experiences.

WC 18/9/17: Pets

Pet week allows children to consider a wide range of animals which may be considered as 'pets' to other children. This also allows children to learn new animal noises and to be able to recognise certain pet animals. 

WC 25/9/17: Construction

Construction week empowers children to embrace their inner builder traits. Children will be able to explore toy constructive vehicles in soil and stones, as well as use their imagination to build objects using the building bricks.

WC 2/10/17: Mini-beasts

Mini-beasts week is the time where children are able to investigate a variety of toy bugs and insects. We will be encouraging children to be searching for bugs within our messy tray stations, and decorate mini-beast biscuits.

WC 9/10/17: Space

During space week, children will be able to explore elements of space and the universe. We will be providing homemade moon sand, galaxy play-dough and marshmallow rockets for the children to eat and enjoy. 

WC 16/10/17: Nature

Nature week is planned for children to experience elements and objects from the natural environment to make connections to the real world. Due to a change of weather, we will be including objects such as leaves, sticks, acorns and conkers within our play stations. 

WC 23/10/17: Halloween

Halloween week includes a whole lot of party spirit for children to dress up and have fun. We have arranged a large amount of messy play stations and crafts, as well as Halloween decorations. We also encourage parents and adults to dress up too if they wish.

WC 30/10/17: Bonfire

Bonfire week is another week full of excitement. We have planned some messy play activities such as rainbow shaving foam and edible sparklers. Also, we will be providing craft stations for instance firework paintings, marshmallow rockets and decorating firework cookies.

WC 6/11/17: Foods

During foods week, we have planned for children to explore a variety of foods, for example baked beans within our messy tray stations. We will also provide dry foods for children to conduct food printing within our craft area.